Payment Form
  • Retreat Registration Information

    Please enter the data related to the person who is registered for the retreat.
  • Please specify the name of the person registered for the retreat. This may be different from the name associated with the billing address.
  • Please enter the numeric Retreat Registration ID that you received by email when you registered for the retreat. This ID will help us apply your payment to the proper retreat.
  • Billing Information

    Please enter the billing information related to the credit or debit card.
  • Your receipt will be emailed to this email address.
  • American Express
  • Please enter the U.S. dollar amount you want to be charged for a full or partial payment.

You can pay for your Shellbourne Retreat using the payment form on this page.


This payment form is intended for those who have already registered for a retreat and simply need to make a full or partial payment.


If you have not registered for a retreat, please view the list of upcoming retreats and follow the steps to register and pay online.